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Our Service is simple and transparent.

South Lincs Chilled Couriers offer a range of services as well as bespoke transport solutions. Some of these services include:

Ambient - For all non temperature sensitive products.

Chilled - Refrigerated and temperature controlled to your specified temperature.

Frozen - Temperature controlled below 0 Degrees

Courier and light haulage - the capacity for loads from one box to multiple pallets.

Split temperature loads - A combination of two temperature ranges on each load. Giving you the ability to send two types of product at separate specified temperatures on a single load, providing efficiency and cost saving for you.

Same day delivery - rapid response deliveries of urgent products or items that need to arrive as quickly as possible.

Same day collections - collection of urgent items that need to be with you same day.

Next day delivery or collection - for items scheduled to be collected or delivered next day within your specified timeframe.

Scheduled deliveries or collections - for instance daily or weekly stock/product movements between you and your customers/suppliers.

Delivery/Collection Exchange - for delivery and collection the same day. For instance a faulty factory line component that needs to be repaired and returned to you as quickly as possible.

Multi-Drop Delivery Service - if you have a number of individual deliveries to make, such as between sites or to retail outlets, restaurants or other customers.

European Delivery Service - offering direct delivery to various locations across Western Europe.

Service designed specifically to meet your individual needs- Bespoke solutions to any logistical challenges you may have.

Our service aims - We aim to be the best in the business. We aim to do this by proving reliable, cost effective and professional.

We offer delivery to locations across the country at fixed low prices. We can offer sustainable prices by having a small and streamlined business infrastructure and low overheads.

Your products travel on smart meticulously maintained vehicles that are purpose built for transporting temperature controlled goods.

While delivering your products we understand that we represent you. We strive to be immaculately presented in uniform and appearance and deliver your products in perfectly clean and hygienic vehicles.


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